Why Not Event

We create unique moments to allow you to experience human adventures full of meaning, emotion and authenticity.

Passion, attention to detail, our listening and our expertise in the event market allow us to respect your specifications and to meet your requirements.

You will be the actors of your event.

We help you connect, communicate and value people and their talents.

Our involvement is total, we must earn your trust and support you towards success.


This is the expected parenthesis of the year!

Your collaborators expect to be surprised. They enjoy being in an unexpected place and in a joyful atmosphere.

Our mission is to create an event that reflects your corporate culture and we help you convey your messages.


They serve to motivate, revitalize and entertain your teams.

We have a wide national and international network that allows us to offer you the activities and the format best suited to your needs and your budget.

This event will be unique, we will write your story that will mark minds.

Committee Meeting

You’re looking for a quiet place, in a comfortable and pleasant environment, to take time to reflect and work with serenity.

We will welcome you in such an auspicious environment.

A house by the sea, a cottage in the mountains, a bastide in the countryside, a small castle, a boat, …. Whatever the place, you don’t care of anything, in an atmosphere “at home”.

We are specialists in this format and our address book is at your disposal.

Launch of
a New Product

Creating a new product is a long and laborious job!
We are the final link which will allow you to successfully launch it.

We must offer you perfection to make this event a success.

It is an atmosphere and a design to work together for an exceptional result!

The ephemeral must be absolutely perfect.
Organizing a gala requires creativity, technicality and rigour.

Attention to detail is essential.
A place well selected, an adapted scenography, a magical floral decoration, a perfect catering and an impeccable musical ambience.

Your evening will make on everyone’s minds!!


The evening ends a time of work or activity all together.
It has to be well and timely organized and run in a suitable and secure place.

The evening can be themed or simply festive.We support you in your choices. We design together the program and the highlights.

Cocktail or seated dinner, DJ or music band, scenography, entertainment, shows, fireworks or Chinese lanterns, decorations, floral ornaments, furniture.

Everything will be gathered for such an unforgettable evening.


Go back in times and introduce you to the customs and traditions, the gastronomy and the entertainment of another era is a passion for us.

We will make you travel through centuries. From the medieval to the splendor of the Louis XIV’s court, into the mysterious venetian evenings or the gigantic parties of The Great Gatsby.
Costumes, settings, music, dance, … we take care of everything.

During an evening, travel through the corridors of time!


Your wedding is a moment of pleasure that you want to share with your family and friends.

There is no room for improvisation but only for exception.
Everything is detailed and it is important to be familiar with the marriage protocol.

We offer you a wealth of experience, knowhow, knowledge of the etiquette and a team of professionals.
Our services: search for the right place, scenography, catering, table art, floral art, decoration and design, live music, DJ, entertainment, transport, accommodation, invitations, photos and video, hairdressing, equipment rental, structures, ...

We are also competent to write your secular ceremony and officer on your wedding day.

Exceptional Venues

We have a large file of locations in France, Europe, all over the world.

All kinds of places :
By the sea, in islands, in the mountains, by the lake, in the woods, in the jungle or savannah, in the Sahara, in a museum, a castle.

From the most classical to the most unusual. From a simple hut to the comfort of a palace.
For your Executive Committee, a seminar or a convention, your wedding or your honey moon.

The choice of location is essential and must be completely adapted to your event.